Club Events Diary

The following dates are provisional dates for the coming 2019 season. These will be finalised in the coming months.

Events for 2019

Date Event Information
28th April 2019 St George Closed Shoot
30th June 2019 Club Champs and BBQ Closed Shoot
4th August 2019 Hit and Miss Closed Shoot
24th-26th August 2019 Club Fun Weekend Closed Shoot
27th September 2019 Pie and Mash Closed Shoot
31st October 2019 Halloween Closed Shoot

2019 Open Shoots

All of our shoots are at our field in Dunstable. All Short Shoots will start at 11am. The York/Hereford will start at 10am. Time for the Agincourt TBA

Please Note : Any Dunstable Bowmen Open Shoots require all participants to hold current Archery GB Membership. If you do not hold Archery GB membership you will be unable to participate in an open shoot.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the assembly time, £5 visitors fee and chocolate prizes.

Date Event Information
6th April 2019 Warwick Open Shoot
11th May 2019 National Open Shoot
2nd June 2019 SCAS Clout Open Shoot
8th June 2019 Western Open Shoot
13th July 2019 York/Hereford Open Shoot
17th August 2019 American Open Shoot
1st September 2019 Short Metric Open Shoot
15th September 2019 Agincourt Open Shoot

2019 SCAS Clout 

As in previous years Dunstable Bowmen will be the host for the Southern Counties Archery Society and host the Clout event

This year the SCAS Clout will be on 2nd June 2019

Please find below the results for 2019

SCAS Clout Results 2019